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Spring I/O 2018 Day1 Slides

Spring I/O 2018 がバルセロナにて、5月24日 - 25日の間で行われています。


今年はロゴが心臓 corazón の形ですよ。Spring keeps me alive! 

気になる方は #springio18 で検索!

取り急ぎ Day1 のセッションのスライドをまとめてみました。現時点で集められたものだけなので、資料見つけ次第追加していきます。

Keynote - Thinking back, looking forward by Juergen Hoeller, Madhura Bhave, Brian Clozel, Dave Syer

Implementing DDD with the Spring Ecosystem by Michael Plöd

Spring Framework 5: Feature Highlights & Hidden Gems by Juergen Hoeller

Making microservices micro with Istio Service Mesh & Kubernetes by Ray Tsang

REST beyond the obvious – API design for ever evolving systems by Oliver Gierke

What's New in Spring Boot 2.0 by Madhura Bhave

Bootiful CQRS and Event Sourcing with Axon Framework by Allard Buijze

Making the long road short: How to migrate legacy enterprise Java apps to Spring Boot by Mark Heckler

Consumer driven contracts in a polyglot world by Riccardo Lippolis / Jeroen Bruinink

Flight of the Flux: A look at Reactor execution model by Simon Basle

Welcome to JUnit 5 by Billy Korando

Introducing Spring Session 2 by Vedran Pavić

Under the Hood of Reactive Data Access by Mark Paluch

DevX with Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes by Neven Cvetkovic

Monitoring Spring Boot Applications with Spring Boot Admin by Johannes Edmeier

Securing Spring applications with Hashicorp Vault by Jan Dittberner

Making DevSecOps a reality in your Spring applications by Roberto Velasco

Observability with Spring-based distributed systems by Tommy Ludwig

Dynamic configuration management in microservice architecture with Spring Cloud by Bartłomiej Słota

Unit and component testing Spring Boot based applications [Workshop] by Peter Szanto

Hands-on securing applications with Spring Security 5.0 [Workshop] by Andreas Falk

Google Cloud Native with Spring Boot [Workshop] by Ray Tsang

Day2 はこちら!