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Shortcut Commands that will Boost Up Your Productivity (for Mac Users)

What is good everybody! It's ya boy Yu back again with an exciting new article.

This week, I'd like to share some shortcut commands for mac which I found extremely useful.


You might already know that you can take a screenshot of the whole display by pressing Cmd+Ctrl+3.

But how about  a shortcut command that allows you to take a screenshot of only the area you selected?

Try Cmd+Ctrl+4. The cursor will turn into a weird plus-sign looking shape and boom! You can select an area of the screen and take a picture of it. (The screenshot will be saved in your desktop by default) If you press Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4, you can even copy the screenshot to your clipboard!

Mind blowing isn't it? But there's more.

Press Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+4+Space. The cursor will turn into a shape of a camera, and now you're able to take a screenshot of a window of your choice AND copy it to your clipboard.

Access Your Desktop

Let's say you wanted to access a file on your desktop but the display was full of windows. Like when you took a screenshot and you wanted to see that image.

Of course, you could open up the Finder and go to Desktop, or you could click that tiny yellow button on the top left of each window and minimize all the windows to reveal the desktop. But that's kinda tiring isn't it?

Try fn + F11. 

WOW! The desktop appeared in a speed of light!

Switch Between Apps

When you have multiple apps open and their windows are all overlapped, how do you switch between those apps?

Do you move around all the windows? Or do you use mission control?

If you do, there's a better way to do it. Try pressing Cmd+Tab and then keep tapping Tab until you get the app you want. 

If you wanna move backwards, just press Cmd+Shift+Tab. 

Restore a Tab on a Browser

What if you accidentally closed a tab when browsing the internet?

Good news is, you're not quite fucked up yet.

Press Cmd+Shift+T, and the tab you just deleted will come back to you.

This even works when you close the whole window. Just press the same keys and you will get your shit back.

Focus on the Search Bar

How do you usually start off searching something on a browser? You put your cursor on the search bar and click it, don't you?

If you're too lazy like me and don't even wanna touch your mouse, you can use Cmd+L instead.

Aaaaaand that is all for this week. 

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I hope this information have helped some of you.